Speaking Engagements

Since 2017 and 2019 I have been giving the following two talks around Skeptics in the Pub groups in the UK and am happy to speak for other relevant groups. I am based in Merseyside, UK.

Cancer Cures: Are we Nearly There Yet?

One in two of us will suffer with cancer in our lifetime and almost all of us have some experience of the disease. But do we really know what cancer is and how we can work towards a cure? Is a cure even possible? And how can we arm ourselves with the right information to help us prevent and treat cancer?

Alice is a researcher at the Institute of Translational Medicine at the University of Liverpool who has worked with both non-profit and for-profit organisations. In this talk she will discuss what cancer is, how it works and just how we are working towards understanding and curing the disease. She will talk about the complexities of research and some of the big success stories that relate directly to some of the many types of cancer. Only when we understand the difficulties we face can we discern between bogus cancer treatment claims and genuine scientific advancement in this field.

Upcoming talks:

Bedford Skeptics in the Pub – 21/11/2019

Past talks:

Oxford Skeptics in the Pub – 06/11/2019

Coventry Skeptics in the Pub – 18/09/2019

Greenwich Skeptics in the Pub – 04/09/2019

Australian Skeptics Convention – October 13th-14th 2018

Köln Skeptics in the Pub – 17/07/2018

Newcastle Skeptics in the Pub – 13/06/2018

Nottingham Skeptics in the Pub – 10/04/2018

Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub – 09/08/2017

Edinburgh Skeptics on the Fringe – 16/08/2017

York Skeptics in the Pub – 28/08/2017

Sheffield Skeptics in the Pub – 25/09/2017

Leicester Skeptics in the Pub – 17/10/2017

Glasgow Skeptics in the Pub – 13/11/2017

Brighton Skeptics in the Pub – 23/11/2017

Bournemouth Skeptics in the Pub – 10/01/2018

Barnsley Skeptics in the Pub – 01/02/2018

Stoke Skeptics in the Pub – 07/02/2018

Merseyside Skeptics Society Skeptics in the Pub – 15/02/2017

The Vagina Mystery: Science, Pseudoscience and Sales

In 2013 when Alice Howarth joined the Merseyside Skeptics Society’s podcast, Skeptics with a K, to talk about unsubstantiated or pseudoscientific claims in the media, she quickly realised the volume of claims made about the vagina are insurmountable. Over the past five years she’s considered countless claims from a variety of different types of people about how exactly you “should” care for a vagina, should you ever encounter one. These claims might seem light and fun, but they can have damaging consequences for people who have vaginas and the wider society. In this talk Alice will take us through some of these claims, the sources they come from and the wider impact of those claims.

Dr Alice Howarth is a scientist and skeptical advocate who has been a board director of the Merseyside Skeptics Society and podcaster at Skeptics with a K for over five years. She’s a researcher in clinical and molecular pharmacology at the University of Liverpool and has written for publications such as The Guardian.

Upcoming talks:

York Skeptics in the Pub – 25/11/2019

Past talks:

MSSX – 06/07/2019

If you would like to contact me about speaking for your group please use the form below:



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